Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Jeeeebus.

Today was wack. People are wack. I love my friends. Thank god for good friends...!

p.s. I laughed so hard today that I think I've lost my voice.

That is all for tonight.

XX Short hugs

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blushing, raspberries, and two bite cupcakes

Today we shot at the Women's club in Hollywood. The shoot went really well and definitely surpassed my expectations in alot of ways. It's so hard to meet someone for the first time and work in a close creative relationship. Everyone (for the most part) was really positive and generally all around sweet people. There also was a ton of amazing fruit which is always a plus in my book and it seemed like production was trying to get everyone fat. There were cupcakes and deserts everywhere! Everywhere you looked there were amazing pastries, cakes, and was a slight issue, but I was on good behavior :).

I was also one of three females on set at all times out of 30 something guys, most of them gay. My girlfriend who was on set with me today had a great conversation with me about how awesome it was to not get hit on all day. This industry is filled with testosterone and it was really great to feel a sort of freedom from the usual.

I'm pretty sure I had the swankiest makeup room I've ever had. From apple boxes in the forest to pretty drapery, lights with dimmers, large mirrors, cushy antique arm chairs...I could get used to it :). I was running around today and I totally forgot to take an entire picture of the whole room. I left my Sephora makeup trunk down in Orange (fingers crossed it's not anywhere else), but luckily I packed my other makeup suitcase full of more makeup so disaster was averted quite smoothly.

Most common thing said to me today: "OMG...airbrush is amazing...can I clone you so you can live with me and do my makeup everyday?"

I need to go on a makeup spree soon. I really want to try the new urban decay eyelid primer. I want to stock up on a few things I'm running low on too...

My CARGO palette--one of my favorites from this past January, gorgeous shimmery blushes and eyeshadows

Shanghai in less than 6 days... I promise to come back with a suitcase filled with new clothes, shoes, makeup, accesories, etc...

Short hugs xx

My first blog

F21 fedora, F21 knit tunic, Madewell jeans (my fav), Cork Wedges from Wasteland clothing
love my hot pink Shiseido lipstick <3

My first blog and the first entry. I'm really excited to start sharing the little things in life that I adore. I wear black a lot and today was definitely one of those days. I'm really excited to be on set this weekend doing makeup for a short film that is a part of a feature length documentary. My boyfriend, Boa Simon is the cinematographer and there is absolutely nothing better than being on set together. Ready for a long day in Hollywood tomorrow.

Short hugs xx